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Dry Type Transformers

UniTrans power has emerged as an independent dry type transformer manufacturer of high quality power and dry type distribution transformers and reactors. We have the unique ability not only to produce standard units but also to design and build dry type transformers to customers’ precise requirements, including replacement units.

Our designs are solutions to many diverse applications, including hazardous locations and can be found world-wide.

Our line of dry type transformers encompasses 16 different product types—all of which can be ordered as low voltage or medium voltage.​

Common features to both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Transformers:

  • Indian made
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest and applicable standards.
  • Aluminum (standard) or Copper wound coils
  • Coil design to minimize short circuit stresses
  • High quality grain oriented electrical grade steel cores
  • Standard low flux-density core designs.
  • Core and coil to enclosure noise isolation
  • Easy access tap terminals.
  • Highest quality UL listed insulation system
  • High quality insulating varnish process
  • In-house produced, heavy gauge steel enclosure assemblies
  • 8 stage baked on powder coat paint system
  • Large wiring compartments
  • 100% production testing with certified test reports for each unit.

Available Options for both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Transformers:

  • Lower temperature rise.
  • Multi-winding options
  • Low inrush current
  • Electrostatic shielding
  • Special dimension or Interfacing enclosure configurations
  • 316 or 304 Stainless enclosures
  • Special paint colors
  • Forced air cooling
  • Metering
  • Primary and/or Secondary surge protection (Arresters)
  • Breaker, Fusing, Switch options
  • Compartmentalized (Pad mounted) enclosures
  • Extremely versatile Retrofit capability
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
  • BIL
  • Non standard BI

General Purpose

Sub Station


Step Up

Pad Mounted

Cast Coil




Transformer Manufacturing Capabilities

UniTrans power has the design and manufacturing capabilities under one roof to build the custom transformer solution to your specific design requirements. While many transformer companies have converted to strictly stock items, we have remained the premier choice for customers’ most sophisticated electrical needs.

Those capabilities extend to being able to handle retrofits. We make the replacement a simple process and actually have forms available that you can fill out to jumpstart the process and ensure it moves forward smoothly.

Our Distinguishing Power Factor is Craftsmanship

With a long history of bringing very intricate designs to life, UniTrans power is recognized in the industry as a brand of transformer craftsmanship. Our team of professionals applies the best methods to the best designs and the best materials. The end result is a high quality, standards compliant product.

Well Grounded Flexibility

Although uncommon applications are common for us and we have the unique ability to design specialty, one-of-a-kind transformers, we can also manufacture standard units. In reality, it’s all about giving you a proven solution rather than a simple product—no matter how complex.

The term “Distribution Transformer” does not include the following:

  • Autotransformer
  • Drive (Isolation)transformer
  • Grounding transformer
  • Machine-Tool (control) transformer
  • Non-ventilated transformer
  • Rectifier transformer
  • Regulating transformer
  • Sealed transformer
  • Special Impedance transformer
  • Testing transformer
  • Transformer with a tap range of 20 percent or more
  • Uninterruptible power supply transformer
  • Welding transformer

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