About Us

UniTrans power, an Indian customized transformer manufacturer, has been designing and manufacturing transformers. We are Established in December 2019. Our expertise is to manufacture high-quality power and distribution dry type transformers. Our transformer designs are solutions for many diverse applications, including hazardous environments.

We are known for our design flexibility as we have the unique ability not only to produce international standard transformers but also to customize design and build transformers to customers’ specific requirements, including replacement units. Whether you need a standard or specialty Indian transformer with the most sophisticated electrical needs, we have more power options for you.

UniTrans power produces dry type transformers from 1kVA through 2,500kVA in voltage classes through 440V to 11kV. We build all of our transformers to exceed the standards set by IEC, IS, etc. To assure compliance with applicable standards as well as with any special requirements of our customers we test all transformers several times during the manufacturing process.

Our people, from management and engineering through manufacturing personnel, have a long tradition of experience in designing and manufacturing quality products. UniTrans power is still family run and employs individual craftsmen to make our products in their entirety. Together, our team crafts the most reliable products in the industry.

The Trusted Choice

  • One of the most trusted names in the industry built upon decades of experience.
  • Solutions custom designed for value when an off the shelf transformer just won’t do.
  • At the core of our brand, there’s exceptional hand craftsmanship and quality.
  • Manufactured in the INDIA.

The Reliable Choice

  • Designed to exceed the highest safety standards-nationally & internationally.
  • 100% tested and inspected.
  • Ratio, polarity and phase relation, no-load losses and excitation current, as well as applied & induced voltage dielectric tests.
  • A Megger test (IR) is performed on all 500kVA units and larger.
  • An audible sound test will be performed upon request.

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