Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer (CRT)

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Dry Type Transformers, Core Coil
Assembly, Transformer Tanks, CSS and other Transformer Accessories based at India. Our expertise is in the production of DryType Transformers up to 440 V to 33kV (50 kVA to 5000 kVA) and we are constantly involved in R&D for better and future-ready products. UNITRANS POWER LLP are capable to serve high quality products, with excellent performance with various applications.

It is used in the high moisture prone areas. It is because of its primary and secondary windings are encapsulated with epoxy resin. This encapsulation helps to prevent moisture to penetrate to affect the winding material. Complete protection is achieved by this cast resin encapsulation so that the Transformer can work without disruption in highly moisture prone area. Thus this transformer is

We have the unique ability not only to produce standard units but also to design and build dry type transformers to customers’ precise requirements, including replacement units.  Our designs are solutions to many diverse applications, including hazardous locations and can be found world-wide.  Our line of dry type transformers encompasses 16 different product types—all of which can be ordered as low voltage or medium voltage.